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March 10, 2014


Testing templates. Was able to make BuddyPress Content Sidebar display.  Need to add PHP code to make other missing ones display.

BUT — when selecting the Template, none of them change the layout.

This file is for testing.

First test: BuddyPress Content Sidebar template.  Has NO style!

Second test: Default template. Now has style.  Has this text on the left, as a main column. To the right is a login/logout box.

Third test: Front Page template. Interesting. Displays slider arrow at top. Shows full width page, with widgets underneath. Widgets are Search, Journals, and  Forums. These are the widgets I added manually. But they are not in the sidebar.

Fourth test:  Front Page (Slider Revolution + Custom Content). Styled and has full width. No sidebars. No slider arrows.

Fifth test:  Front Page (Slider Revolution). Displays slider arrow at top. Next is text, paragraphs missing, then widgets below.

Will set as Default Template for now, since it is the only one that displays a right sidebar.

Okay, made a second test page.  Default Template allows widgets, but does not retain style. Front Page template shows widget styles, but no sidebars and moves everything to the left.

Since the account is now recognizing and applying the Templates that display in the dropdown list, I will need to find out how to make the rest of them display.  One of those should fit my needs. Hopefully one of my theme’s templates, because that will have the styling.

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