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Capturing Moments

Photographers capture a moment of life the instant before it disappears forever. Whenever I view captivating images—whether it be of nature, street scenes, or portraits—I feel as though I’m being given the gift of a moment in time.

But what really touches me the most are those personal photos taken of ordinary people’s own lives—as they create their own memories. As a child, I would sort through the photos I had taken and often discard the rest. Little did I know the significance and emotions that ALL photos that I took then would hold for me today. Even viewing those photos taken by a stranger of a place or time that I feel connected to will evoke memories and strong emotions in me.

What kinds of nostalgic images have triggered you to travel on a Flashback Journey of your own?

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

Loving Our Pets

Loving Our Pets

Pets are often a big part of our lives. We receive a loyalty from them that is rare to receive from other humans.

Do you have a story about a special pet that you would like to share?

  • The angels know your truth.

The Angels Know I’m Telling The Truth

Recently someone expressed doubt about my true intentions. As I thought over various ways to respond to this accusation, I realized that nothing I could say would change her opinion of me.

I also realized that it doesn’t matter.

I had a Flashback Journey to my childhood, when there were multiple times that I was falsely accused of something by other children. (These were in regard to incidents where the other child lied and said that I did something that someone else did — or something that never even occurred!) The adults would always believe the other child’s accusation — perhaps because the accuser was older than me and thus deemed to be more credible than I was?

After this happened a few times, I understood that no one would believe me no matter what I said. This was crushing, to not be believed by the adults I trusted.  But somehow, when I was young as 4 or 5 years old, I found an inner strength. I said to myself, “The angels know I am telling the truth.”  I not only said it to myself, I said it to my accusers. I stated my truth and walked away, knowing they would believe whatever they wanted to believe.

When someone doubts your sincerity or intentions, remember: the angels know your truth.

  • Orange Christmas

Dreaming of an “Orange Christmas”

What memories does the scent of an orange bring forth for you?

For me, the scent of oranges evokes a special memory of the Christmas stocking my mother made for me.

Each Christmas morning I would peak over the railing of our loft and spot my stocking: red with white spots; my name embroidered on the green trim. The stocking was filled with candies and small gifts. And I could always spot a large round shape in the toe of the stocking. No, it wasn’t a lump of coal — it was an orange!

What I find interesting is that although I never actually ate the oranges (I thought the candy canes and Whoppers were much more tasty), it is the scent of an orange that will instantly bring me back to our cozy living room in Newfoundland on Christmas morning.

Holiday memories can sometimes be bittersweet. We may have memories of feeling disappointed as a child, which could occur when expectations were set too high. This can be an especially difficult time of year for those who have lost someone. Remembering the smell of your father’s winter jacket when he came in after shoveling the snow… the scent of the stollen cake you wish you had the family recipe for… your dog who used to lay by the fire…

↪ What scents trigger memories of special holidays for you? Are there scents that remind you of special family meals, the weather during that time of year, or even the smell of a memorable toy you were given?